Want to give a gift
but they already HAVE everything?

Need to make an impression that only YOU can leave with a key prospect?

How about impressing your Boss, Complimenting your Mentor, Writing a Review, or Showing gratitude to your hard working SuperHero Employees?

If you NEED the Words but can’t quite “get it right” 

You NEED a Poet in Your Pocket!

The 11.47 PROJECT will come to the Rescue.


Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!  

(I’d like to say “Thank YOU”  60 times, but that would be just weird. ) 


Just WONDERFUL!!!     


Clearly, this is what I DO
I write poems just for YOU

For your children, a parent, a friend
WORDhugs. Touches you can send

With a photo, with a pen
I can write it. YOU SAY WHEN!

This is ME on full display
Put to music, I will say
All you need to make your markAll it takes? … a tiny spark.

If you need to hug with Words,
You’ll come back for seconds and thirds

Thank you ALL for what you say
Nobody else can write this way
Only YOU… with Hugs from me
Have the GIFT of Poetry. 

Susan Kay Dahl

Author * Speaker * Soul of JOY

Here’s how this works:

Create the Vision

When it works best for you, we’ll have a 30 minute conversation with your $11 down.

I’ll want to know:

  • The occasion
  • How you want them to feel when they read
  • Names
  • Defining Characteristics

To meet your needs, you may need to send a photo or visual.

$47 due after the call (total $58)

Produce the Product

As soon as the next day, you’ll have your poem to review!

Most customers are extremely satisfied with their first draft. 

If you need enhancements, Susan will work with you until your WordHug feels just right.


Deliver the Dream

Giving. Receiving.
Some may be tearful

But that is my style.

Book our Call with $11.

The GIFT to Uplift... You are in for a treat.
WordHUGs are special... the impact is sweet.

$11.00 NOW will book your call,
$47.00 at the end of our call ensures your Creative Personalized Recognition is received

Each WordHUG is a work of art that we will co-create for your person or event.
I look forward to Creating the Vision, Preparing the Poetry, and Delivering the DREAM.

Payment plans are available for larger projects, song lyrics, or other Poetic possibilities
Let’s start Creating that WordHUG!

Customers reviews

Something the family will cherish!

I stopped by their house on Wednesday night and dropped them off. They cried and said it was such a heartfelt gift. Thank you for creating something that the family will cherish!
Kimberly B.

The only present they shared on Facebook

I wasn’t there when they opened their present but it was the only one they posted on Facebook.. so I think they liked it!

I cried when I read it!!

Thank you again for sharing your gift with our family. This is beautiful. I cried when I read it!!

Hello, I’m Susan Kay Dahl. Founder of Dahlhouse Ink
Creater of 11.47 Project

My Life is Poetic
The words are magnetic, embracing the way that I feel
It may be alarming, but some find it charming
It’s ME and I’m keeping it real.

I’m Mr. Rogers/Dr. Seuss
I’m a poet on the loose
This is how my life unfolds
Open the treasure chest–See what it holds!

Blessings, burdens, memories past
Pause to cherish what will last.

Stories, feelings, gems that SHINE
Share them all so yours is mine.


CPR for the Soul

YOU are the answer to Somebody’s Prayer
Asking… SO willing to Send it and SHARE:
“Minute to Win it”
5 Minutes to spare?
Praising and Raising Your BRAVE
B e a plank, a board that’s flat
R each your minute. Mindful chat.
A ffirmation – Lift your Spirit
V alue others. Let them hear it.
E yes on ALL who need to see 

YOU are B R A V E… Each minute, KEY!

Susan is a born lyricist. She sees words in a way only others dream of. I have been so blessed by her talent, from capturing the vision of my book and writing an inscription to customizing poetry for a dear friend. Susan’s ability takes a person on a visual journey as they read her words. Whatever your needs are, I completely trust Susan to capture it. Susan is a real treasure. I’m so grateful for her.

– Jessica Broadway
author of A Journey to Raising Brave Hearts